Gallery: Graphite Pencil Drawings

Here are some of my graphite pencil drawings. If you see pieces signed Audra Sugerman, that was my maiden name. You can click on any of the art images below to see a larger version.

NOTE: Any "framed" artwork below is available for purchase (in the form of prints, cards, t-shirts, etc.). Clicking on the image will take you to If you want to go to one of the other web sites that sell my art, click on the banner ads in the left sidebar or view my "About the Sites that Sell My Art" page.

"Is It Alice?"

Inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, as it reminds me of Alice curiously watching the white rabbit run by. Graphite pencil drawing. (Copyright © 2012 Audra D. Lemke).

"Eager Best Friends"

Two canine buddies eagerly peek out of a doorway. Image from original drawing in graphite pencil (Copyright © 2001 Audra D. Lemke). These were our two loving dogs Sienna and Amber.

"The Tree Quietly Stood Alone"

Image from original drawing in graphite pencil (Copyright © 1991 Audra D. Sugerman a.k.a Audra D. Lemke).


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