Gallery: Digital Painting by Audra D. Lemke

I created the artwork on this page using mostly digital drawing/painting methods (In some pieces, I added a few vector elements, or used a few filters for special effects). None of the images below were created by altering photos.

There are links to close-up detail images for some of the artwork. Please stop by and see them, as it's often hard to see the wonderful details on the screen when looking at the whole art image. Some of the large detailed pieces, like the Alice ones, would look their best as a large print.

NOTE!!!! Any "framed" digital painting images below are are available for purchase (in the form of prints, cards, t-shirts, gift products, etc.). Clicking on the artwork will take you to If you want to go to one of the other web sites that sell my art, click on the banner ads in the left sidebar or view my "About the Sites that Sell My Art" page.

"Not Like Home"

DETAIL IMAGES: "Bear 1", "Bear 2", "Parrot"

Two polar bear cubs look out of place in this warm, tropical habitat. Inspired by the scientific evidence of melting Arctic sea ice, the home environment of the polar bear. Protect and respect our oceans, our animals, and our planet earth! Digital painting with my own added textures. (Copyright © 2016 Audra D Lemke).

NEW!!!! "Almost Out of Reach"

Inspired by love for our planet Earth. Strive to preserve and protect it! Painted digitally in Photoshop, then added a few vector elements. (Copyright © 2019 Audra D. Lemke).

"White Rabbit Christmas"

DETAIL IMAGES: "White Rabbit", "Teacup, jingle bell, candy cane"

Curiouser and curiouser! A visitor from Wonderland? Digital painting. Created a few vector elements and combined several filters to create snow. (Copyright © 2015 Audra D. Lemke).

"Keepsakes of the Ocean"

DETAIL IMAGES: "Boy swimming out of ocean portal", "Hummingbird collector carrying shell", "Green Bulb Kelp, red fish, and tang", "Moorish idol in small portal bubble", "Dead mans fingers kelp", "Red coral", "Shell: copper spiral", "Shell: cone spiral"

A boy emerges from a portal to bring ocean gifts to a collector in the forest. Is the child visiting from a sea far away? Or are the precious ocean keepsakes lost relics from another time? Protect our oceans! (Copyright © 2013 Audra D. Lemke).

"Flying Cards Dissolve Alice's Dream"

DETAIL IMAGES: "Alice", "Human Cards and White Rabbit"

The Queen shouts "Off with her head!" The pack of cards come flying down upon Alice. Her dream is ending. The cards and Wonderland are transforming (Copyright © 2010 Audra D. Lemke).

"Painted Roses for Wonderland's Heartless Queen"

DETAIL IMAGES: "Cheshire","Roses", "Card, Rose, Ghostly Suits","Rabbit and 'Queen of Hearts'"

At the Queen of Hearts' garden, Alice met three card gardeners (Five, Two, and Seven of Spades) who curiously were painting white roses red. They had planted a white rose-tree instead of a red one, as expected by the Queen, and feared that she would cry "off with your heads!" Shortly afterwards, the Queen of Hearts arrived with her procession, including the White Rabbit. A croquet game is started, and the Cheshire Cat's head appeared above Alice.

In this interpretation of the garden scene, the Queen of Hearts's wrath destroys card after card and leaves a trail of ghostly suits - clubs (soldiers), diamonds (courtiers), and spades (gardeners), but sparing the royal children (hearts). In the book, Alice saves the three gardeners, but here the Queen sends ghostly 5, 2, and 7 of Spades billowing away. The Cheshire Cat appears in the sky, grin first, and remaining partially transparent. The White Rabbit stays by the Queen as her herald. (Copyright © 2011 Audra D. Lemke).

"Alice's Ambivalence"

DETAIL IMAGES: "Alice1","Alice1 Face", "Alice2","Alice2 Face", "White Rabbit", "Hot Air Balloon"

Alice enjoys her world of childhood, yet wants to understand the rule-ridden and confusing world of adults. She sometimes feels confident about growing up, the path ahead of her, but then also feels hesitant and uncertain at times. Here, the White Rabbit starts the journey for the two sides of Alice, and the Queen of Hearts looms through the clouds like an ominous dream. (Copyright © 2011 Audra D. Lemke).

"Glowing Dragonfly"

A dragonfly glides through a glowing fantasy landscape. Artwork was extracted from my Glowing Garden image and enhanced (Copyright © 2009 Audra D. Lemke).

"Glowing Butterfly"

A butterfly flutters through a glowing fantasy landscape. Artwork was extracted from my Glowing Garden image and enhanced (Copyright © 2009 Audra D. Lemke).

"Glowing Garden"

A serene fantasy landscape, where you can almost perceive glowing connections of energy between living things (Copyright © 2008 Audra D. Lemke).


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